15 Nov /We’re Hiring: Product Developer Apprenticeship

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The T R I M Apprentice Program is a paid, three month immersive experience in software and mobile development. Apprentices receive hands-on training, work side-by-side with T R I M engineers and product designers, and gain experience in all aspects of agile software creation.

The Apprentice Program

At T R I M, we don’t just build great apps and websites. Teaching, learning and self-improvement are important aspects of what we do and our Apprentice Program is an example of our culture in action. Our success hinges on our team of specialists and we believe in investing in the future of South Florida tech. So we thought, why not actively develop our next generation of T R I M Specialists? What if we could welcome a few of the smart, motivated new developers and continue to nurture their skills – what would that look like?

Our Apprentice Program is a 3-month immersive training experience in software development, as well as building tech companies and products the “T R I M Way.” Apprentices receive hands-on training while building and shipping code for our current clients. As they work side-by-side with T R I M engineers and product designers, they will not only strengthen their coding skills, they will learn to become consultants. This means the apprentices will gain experience in all aspects of creating software including defining sprints, team collaboration, pairing, testing, interfacing with clients, and reflecting on progress during our weekly retrospectives.

A Live Experiment

At T R I M, we like to say that we live in Beta and the Apprentice Program is another example of this positioning. 2020 is our fourth iteration of the apprenticeship program, and we’re excited to see what will happen. We’ll be collecting feedback along the way from everyone involved, and documenting the journey. 


Skills Required:

Full Stack Development Understanding (Bootcamp Grad or Higher)

Entry Level Experience in HTML/CSS

Entry Level Experience in a front-end framework like Angular or React (Preference for Angular)

Entry Level Experience in API Development (Rails, Node, or Python)

The ideal candidate is entering the job market as a software developer, but want to accelerate their skill set, through exposure to the full build cycle, opposed to a small cog in a large wheel. This program is NOT intended for people without a working knowledge of software development. 

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