The T R I M Manifesto


Ship early. Ship Often. Work openly. Changing requirements will come. We expect this. We make regular time for improvement. We believe in lifelong learning. We make time to learn, grow, and explore our craft. We believe in Data; it drives both creative and technical decisions. We believe in each other, and understand that we are human. We believe in solving human problems with useable technology.

Project Phases

  1. Build

    Whether it's a prototype or an MVP, we can take your idea from zero to Version One, and beyond.

  2. Launch

    Your early version product is ready for the world, but the hard work is about to begin: finding users. Let us help you find your first users, and fast-track product market fit.

  3. Grow

    You've gone from zero to one. Now, let us help you go from one to one million.

Our Skillset

  • Strategy

    Focused on product success in the form of design sprints, market research, user testing, road-mapping, and product-market fit.

  • Design

    Conceptualize user experiences and bring them to life by envisioning beautiful, user-centric interfaces that your customers love.

  • Engineering

    Experienced, test-driven developers that align to build fast; 100% in-house, and part of the design process from day 1.