Our Weekly Schedule

What does a week look like working with T R I M?

Since day one, T R I M has adopted agile development and operates in Weekly Sprints. We’ve run over 500 design and development sprints and learned a lot about what works and what could be done differently–we’ve become pretty good at it! Did we mention that we build only 4 days a week out of 5? We believe that this is the most beneficial schedule for us, 4 days a week we are concentrating on building your product and on Friday we demo our achievements to you. So you’re always in the loop of what’s happening on the project.

Daily Standups: Every day we meet all together on our daily standups and share our goals for the day and what we’ve accomplished yesterday. But each day of the week is slightly different and has it’s own purpose.

Monday: Kick Off

Monday is a big day. First day of the new sprint and first day of product building. Monday starts with confirming our sprint goals and making sure that we have all our tasks ready to work on.We schedule micro teams (teammates involved in one project) if we need to discuss something. And of course start building!

Tuesday: Product Building

Biggest day of production! On Tuesdays we concentrate on coding and try to accomplish as much as possible. We can still microteam if we have any questions or daunting topics worth brainstorming.

Wednesday: Product Building

Wednesday is an Inspo Day. We share relevant news and ideas with each other. Look through latest articles in the industry and share opinions. Like what’s trending in Web and Mobile App design and what’s new in Development engineering. We can also share suggestions for the company culture inspirations. Inspo part of Wednesday takes an hour. And the rest of the day is product building, inspired product building!

Thursday: Finalize Product Building

Training day! When one of our teammates will pick up a topic and educate us on it. It can be anything and everything: How to run a Design sprint, How to implement Apple in-app purchases, How to create a Voice App. This is our last day of design and development, so we begin to prepare for our demos with our Product Owners today. Again we train for an hour and then get back to work!

Friday: Demo, Deploy, Sprint Plan

We’re wrapping up all the coding and prepare for the weekly demos. As a product owner this will be your favorite day of the week! On Friday you will see what we’ve accomplished this sprint and what we’ve planed for the next one. We usually do it in person or schedule a video call to make sure that everyone’s involved in the process. You’re the part of the team and you can prioritize and choose what are next sprint goals. We also very appreciate your feedback and the best part of the Agile development and short sprints, is that we can actually build what we’ve discussed on Friday in the next week sprint. And you will see the results next Friday. How cool is this? Of course not every feature takes a week, but you get the point – we are not afraid of constant changes and can do it pretty fast in terms of schedule.

After all demos are done we have an Investment time – we can learn a new skill or practice something that needs more attention. It’s our time to learn something new!

Every Friday at 4:30 we have our RETRO. We share the work that we are proud of this week and celebrate teammates wins! The important part of Retro is a retrospective of the week: what was done great and what items should be worked on better. We are not shy sharing our thought on the week and what we did or din’t enjoy in the work process or/and ourselves. We don’t judge anybody for mistakes, we think about solutions how to solve the issue and make them an action items for Monday.

This is our Weekly Sprint schedule. We swear by it and practice it every single day. If you have any questions how our schedule works, you can always reach out to us via email!