11 Jul /Trim’s Office Named “Coolest of 2015”

Posted by Services Trim Agency

South Florida Business Journal Honors Office Design

We believe that the space that you occupy is a very impactful part of your story. The South Florida Business Journal recently put an exclamation point on that story by naming us to the list of,”Coolest Offices of 2015.”

One year ago, we made the decision to take our same digital design approach to planning and building our physical work environment–the collaborative office that we named General Provision. Our hand crafted space tells our lean startup story: raw, innovative, agile, and concise. Our clients are lean startups, seeking a digital team that is raw, innovative, agile, and concise.

It is an honor to see that others who walk in to our doors make that connection…even if the only verbalized sentiment is “cool.”

Take a look at the other great places that we share this honor with: http://bit.ly/1Hm04NF