A product studio.

We are a consultancy of strategists, designers, and engineers. We build, launch, and scale web and mobile apps alongside inspiring clients. We are agile. We live in Beta.

We aren’t an agency;
we have agency.

“Agency is the ability to make a decision, and to be responsible for the decision you make...there’s a fork in the road. In one direction lies the opportunity to regain agency, to take responsibility for ever more of our actions and their effects. In the other direction is the race to the bottom, and the dehumanizing process of more compliance, a cog in an uncaring system.”

What we do.

We build custom apps for corporations, and partner with startups to build their first app the right way. We rely on user testing and data to remove the guess work, and we fast-track user growth by building smart user acquisition plans.

Who we’ve worked with.

"Having the knowledge and the expertise was really important and the T R I M team really knows what they're doing and it shows. They guided us throughout the whole process."

— Joyce Belloise, PBS

How we resource a project.

We create your dedicated team: one Strategist, one Product Designer, and one Engineer. You will always have a direct line of communication with each of these people. We like to work closely--You can come work on site with us, we can come to you, or we can work remote.

How we resource a project - graphic LET’S WORK TOGETHER
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There are apps.
And there are
T R I M apps.
Let’s talk.

We believe that short iterations, and close collaboration with real humans is a better way to build products. We've launched apps with multi-billion dollar companies, and have helped raise millions of dollars alongside first-time founders.