14 Aug /PBS KidVision 2.0 is here!

Posted by Casey Schumacher

The latest and greatest version of PBS KidVision is now available for download in the Apple App Store! We’ve added a whole bunch of new features that we think our users will love. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find.

First off, PBS has made all educational content free for the time being since so many kids are stuck at home due to coronavirus. Also, KidVision can now be played on iPads as well!

The game has also been expanded dramatically. Version one had 3 locations: the art museum, the baseball stadium, and the zoo. Well the number of locations has been doubled in version 2! There are 3 more brand new locations now: the police station, the venetian pools, and the sea turtle rescue. Just like the original locations, these new ones have immersive 360 video experiences with 3 levels of play per location.

Another exciting new feature set is the ability to further customize and decorate your Pudgy avatar! In the first version, users could pick a custom Pudgy color, which was lots of fun. Now, users can use tickets to purchase cool accessories for pudgy like hats, sunglasses, lunchboxes, and more!

The customization doesn’t stop there, for the 3 original locations, users can now purchase location upgrades with tickets. Get more animals for the zoo, decorate the museum with a colorful mural, or add baseball players to stadium! You’ll also notice a few fun new animations throughout the app as well.

Download KidVision in the App Store today and let us know what you think! Be sure to stay tuned, we’ve got big plans for the next version too!