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What goes in to creating something meaningful?

We began General Provision in June of 2014 for these reasons:

  1. We needed an office.
  2. We thought others in our community needed a place to work.
  3. We wanted to build the creative-tech ecosystem in Fort Lauderdale.
  4. We hoped to identify talented people that we should be hiring or potentially partnering with.
  5. We wanted a platform to conduct experiments by presenting a physical representation of our digital approach.

General Provision is our home and our playground. It is the house brand ofTrim Agency. Our friends, clients, and employees are always welcome here. This is the beginning of our story.

“We should have a coding academy.”

Why our digital consultancy now is home to one of the country’s best programming bootcamps.

If we are serious about sharing what we do, bettering our community, and building a movement in Fort Lauderdale, then we needed to be contributing to that community.


General Provision is proud to announce the addition of Broward County’s first independent programming academy to their FATvillage headquarters this coming April. General Provision has become the new home of Wyncode FATvillage, as the Miami-based accelerated learning program and development bootcamp expands to Broward County.


Wyncode, which began it’s first academy at The LAB in the Miami Arts District of Wynwood, strategically partners with coworking spaces to entrench their students in a startup environment as they learn how to build web applications.


“Computer programming is in high demand in South Florida and we believe that someone who is willing to work hard to change their life and professional direction can get a well-paying job provided they receive the right education”, Wyncode Academy’s co-founder Johanna Mikkola said. “We are thrilled to partner with Trim Agency to bring our program to Ft. Lauderdale, where we have found the perfect venue in General Provision”


The program is full-time, intensive, nine week bootcamp that teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. Graduates leave the program ready to join companies as junior web developers and have been hired in tech jobs at a 92% placement rate. Wyncoders have also gone on to start their own companies, such as visual menu app meme.menu and innovative coupon aggregator CouponMate.

Trim Agency’s collaborative work space, branded General Provision, which outfits creative professionals with a vehicle for community, craft, and commerce, was a natural fit for Wyncode. The program is described as the “Art of Code.” Students will have 24 hour access to our facility and it’s amenities as they learn by doing, culminating in a pitch day where they will present their own web apps. Trim Agency will provide test-projects and a first hand look of the inner-workings of a software consultancy.

We will be empowering new developers to build the next great thing; whether it’s for themselves, for Trim Agency, or for another great company. And we think that is really meaningful.