Why We Hired 2 Coding Apprentices

The Trim Agency + Wyncode Apprentice Program is a three month immersive experience in software and mobile development. Apprentices receive hands-on training, work side-by-side with Trim engineers and product designers, and gain experience in all aspects of agile software creation.

It’s hard to believe it was less than a year ago that the first Wyncode Academy cohort rolled up their sleeves and started learning how to code at our coworking space, General Provision. 9 months, 3 cohorts, 1 warehouse and and 46 students later, Trim Agency is excited to announce our first Apprentice Program, in partnership with Wyncode FAT Village.

Wait, What’s Wyncode Again?

For those who might not be familiar, Wyncode is South Florida’s first brick and mortar coding boot camp. Wyncode’s original coding academy is located in Miami’s art district of Wynwood. They welcome programming newcomers and teach their students the critical thinking and skills to become developers through a 9-week bootcamp. Students who finish the program walk out armed and ready with the knowledge and toolkit of a junior developer. As a testament to the strength of both their teaching methods and their hiring partners, 96% of Wyncode graduates join the South Florida tech ecosystem in job placements.

When Wyncode expanded to open a Fort Lauderdale location, it was the perfect fit to host the first cohorts at General Provision, our coworking and innovation space in FATvillage.

The Apprentice Program

At Trim, we don’t just build great apps and websites. Teaching, learning and self-improvement are important aspects of what we do and our Apprentice Program is an example of our culture in action. Our success hinges on our team of specialists and we believe in investing in the future of South Florida tech. So we thought, why not actively develop our next generation of Trim Specialists? What if we could welcome a few of the smart, motivated Wyncoders and continue to nurture their development skills – what would that look like?

Our Apprentice Program is a 3-month immersive training experience in software and mobile development. Apprentices receive hands-on training while building and shipping code for our current clients. As they work side-by-side with Trim engineers and product designers, they will not only strengthen their coding skills, they will learn to become consultants. This means the apprentices will gain experience in all aspects of creating software including defining sprints, team collaboration, pairing, testing, interfacing with clients, and reflecting on progress during our weekly retrospectives.

A Live Experiment

At Trim Agency, we like to say that we live in Beta and the Apprentice Program is another example of this positioning. As our first iteration of the program, we’re excited to see what will happen and we’ll be collecting feedback along the way from everyone involved. Speaking of…

The Apprentices

We were truly thrilled that so many Wyncoders expressed interest in the program and we enjoyed learning more about all of them during these past few months. We extended offers to 2 apprentices and they’ve already jumped in to working with us at Trim.

Dominique Miller – Dom’s passion for coding and affinity for learning new technologies stood out to us. We also were impressed with his confident presentation style on Wyncode Pitch Night. We’re looking forward to helping him grow as a developer.

Alex Miller – Alex is curious, driven, and whip smart – 3 of our favorite traits in new hires. He started teaching himself how to code well before he joined Wyncode and has hit the ground running at Trim. Alex shares not only a love of coding with Dom, but also some DNA (yes, they’re brothers).


We’ll check in with the each of the Apprentices on this blog and share more of their stories soon. For now, welcome to the team! We’re so happy to have you.



Want to work with the Trim Apprentices? We’re hiring! (and no, we don’t only hire siblings)