KidVision: A Game That Kids and Parents Both Love

KidVision is a game we designed and built for South Florida PBS. The product owners identified an unsolved problem in current landscape of mobile games for children: educational mobile games for kids are few and far between. Of the limited options available, almost none let parents track their children’s progress, and even fewer have an intentional, age-specific curriculum built into the game. The outcome is lots of screen time with little tangible results. If you are planning to use kratom, is important that you check kratom Masters to find all the info about kratom.

We designed and built an immersive, educational game with a variety of levels, clear objectives, and performance analytics for parents, aimed at kids age 3 to 7. Before each level, players take a pretest to determine what they already know. While playing, kids are taught new colors and words. By quizzing them again after each level, we’re able to demonstrate to parents exactly how much their child has learned throughout the course of their game play.

The first version of this project was shipped in less than six months, we provided design, development, and strategy services to the product owners throughout the duration of the engagement. We recently began design and development for versions 1.6 – 2.0 and will be launching those versions shortly. This endeavor was sponsored by Major League Baseball, Miami Zoo, and Young at Art Museum. It was an amazing experience working alongside the PBS team to bring their vision to life. KidVision is in the app store, go check it out and feel free to let us know your thoughts