Worx360 – The Talent Matching App for Medical Professionals

Trim was responsible for designing and building this Native iOS app from scratch.

Worx360 is an online job platform that connects Health Facilities to Medical Professionals. The fundamental goal of this app is to create an online job marketplace that Health Facilities can trust to easily and quickly find the most qualified and suitable talents across different professions in the medical field, giving them a platform to vet candidates based on the required qualifications thoroughly.

This app works to satisfy two types of stakeholders; the Employer (Health Facilities) and the Employee (Medical Professionals). The app comes with key features including;

  • Job listings,
  • Facility-Candidate match based on culture survey,
  • In-app hiring and employee management,
  • In-app work log and communication,
  • A calendar feature for managing paydays, and job start and end days.