We’re Hiring: Jr. Product Strategist

Do you love apps and startups? We need someone to research and validate ideas to solve product design and growth problems. A strategist at T R I M might be described as this:

Comfortable moving fast, unafraid to try new marketing strategies and tactics to grow or validate an idea, a creative individual who uses data to guide their decisions, and also has a genuine enthusiasm for launching new businesses, winning products, and building healthy communities.

Here is a list of core competencies that our strategists might rely on (we’re looking for depth on some, not all of the below):

Create branded content of all kinds, including social media posts, blogs, and email campaigns.

Plan and execute paid digital campaigns. You will use media management tools like Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords to build and launch campaigns, but might jump to a different platform for the right opportunity. Optimize media performance.

Look at data and see a storyline. Use tools like Google Analytics, MixPanel and Appsflyer to continuously improve performance and maximize media budgets.

Validate a demographic, message, product feature, or business model by running test campaigns.

Collaborate with our portfolio clients to establish and maintain a consistent brand voice and messaging across their paid and organic channels.

Monitor digital trends to stay up-to-date on how to develop our products and new ways to optimize our marketing decisions.

Sketch out a wireframe alongside a Product Designer or Engineer. Run a user test to observe UX behavior. Conduct research with a paper prototype for better product understanding.

Participate in a Design Sprint with a Product Owner.

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    Dropbox & Webpack

    I’ve had a major issue with Angular 2/Webpack for the past few months. I store all my development files in Dropbox as a second layer of backup and an issue came up that would make me bounce the server every time I changed a file. Not cool.

    The office joke is “it’s Tmux’s fault” and we eliminated Tmux, uninstalled Node, NPM, Yarn, etc. Nothing worked. My colleague Alex pointed out the repo was in Dropbox so I moved it to another folder and magically it started working again.

    So take note, if you’re having live reload or similar issues and it’s in Dropbox, take it out.